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Getting Some Attention

So Locals is getting some more attention over on MeWe. So my question to my follows. What do you want to see over here? Since you're already following, you get first chance to add your thoughts.
Right now, there isn't a paywall but I am planning on monetizing this in the future. Don't worry. It won't be what I would consider expensive. I'm still putting some thoughts into that prospect.
So, answer the poll or just leave a comment. Thanks.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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September 18, 2022
Welcome to the RPG Pig Pen

Welcome to the community. Let's have fun out there and that's what the little group is all about.

January 29, 2023
The Dust is settling

Wow. That whole OGL drama was a big wake up call to everybody. This really urged a lot of folks including myself to reevaluate any plans. So I got one now. Finally.
First, a lot of folks whacked my on the head and said, "Do more with your Patreon." So yes. I am. But the content here and there will generally be duplicated. I also realized I need to spend more time making rather than talking about making. If that makes sense. So that means, I'm going to post here and on Patreon twice a month. That is unless something really cool pops up. It also means that I'm going to take advantage of the video hosting. So yeah. A video here and a video over Patreon. Don't expect fancy credits or production values. Just me, a cheap camera and cheap microphone.
This also means that the videos (since I actually dislike doing them) and PDF's will go up behind the paywall. My random behind the scenes rants will stay out as public posts.
And to the meat of things. That is Mayhem, Magic, & ...

January 22, 2023
Mayhem, Magic, & Murder Some Basics.

It's been exciting week hasn't it. I didn't get as much done as I had wanted and I couple of ideas just ended up being bad and going no where. But there's a few things that have worked out so it's time to note those here.
Base Mechanics: d20+modifiers against a target number. That's pretty standard and something most are familiar with.
Character Stats: Brains, Brawn, Cool, Guts, Mojo, and Moves.
Generating Stats: Roll 3d6. 1's=-1. 2 to 5=0. And 6's=+1
Classes: Maybe. Still working on this one but I won't be skill driven system with a long skill list.
Schticks; Characters need to do cool stuff. Here's the means for that.
And there's a couple of other things that I'm still working out.
I know this isn't much of an update. Like many, I'm having so much time getting eaten up with all this OGL drama. And where this all ends up may just greatly effect this community and what I do with it. So stay tuned as we will figure out more about just what the hell is going to happen.
Till ...

January 15, 2023
Mayhem, Magic, & Murder Update

Who had all this OGL drama on their bingo card? I took most of last to sit back and try to make up some sort plan. I'm still not sure what I'll be with my existing stuff but this update is all about M3. And that's one of the cornerstones of this little community.
I did plan to have a nifty update this week. You know the very basics of character generation and a brief outline. I also said at that I was going to kill some sacred cows. And that it was going to be basically going to be "compatible" with most old school games and then came all this drama. So it's time to pivot.
M3 is now going to be its own rules lite system that would be basically adaptable to old school games. This also gives me the freedom to totally off the rails and crazy. Of course, that means rewriting practically every thing. There is a silver lining to tall this. I did find some six year old notes. In hindsight, I'm glad I never finished that project because I've learned a lot since then and it fits better ...

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