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Forgotten Tales Character Gen Walk Thru

Here's another video and I realize that I did make a mistake after uploading it. Let's see if you can catch it. :) Also let's see how that new microphone works out. I think it's better. Work and editing is coming along on it and stay tuned for fun announcements. I've got a bunch of ideas in the works.
Thanks again for being part of the RPG Pig Pen Community and for your support.
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April 23, 2023
Time for another video

I think I may do more of these. I didn't eat up my bandwidth the last couple of months so what the heck. This rant includes an unfortunate prediction about Shadowdark. More details on the second edition of Forgotten Tales of Sword and Sorcery. And some silly rants and mumbling by yours truly.
Thanks again for your support and here's the video....

March 12, 2023
ShadowDark & The Monthly Video

More random thoughts on ShadowDark and the RPG community in general. And damn. I do really need to start doing these with script. And maybe I should think about resurrecting the Youtube channel. What do you think?

February 17, 2023
I promised you a video

I am so out of practice on this. And it's much later than I had planned. So enjoy the view. I know I said this was going to behind the paywall. Well, not yet. I'll wait till I back in practice and things run more smoothly.

White Box Thief Reimagined

It's been a long weekend but it's been busy and not with gaming stuff. So here's a little PDF of a rework of the Thief for White Box FMAG. This will appear on the blog next week too.
And I should post another video here with some announcements and news about this community and more.
Thanks again for your support.

New Microphone

I went ahead and just did it. Get ready for more craziness.

post photo preview
April 30, 2023
Another Forgotten Tales Update!

I'm a bit surprised at how well things have going so far. There's a lot of little tweaks that I'm doing that are coming out much better than expected. So that means I just might use this underlying system on a "standard" Fantasy RPG. So just may be that mean I've made headway on Magic, Mayhem & Murder without intending too. An unexpected surprise. I like that.
Oh, and one final note. The full name for FT is Forgotten Tales of Sword & Sorcery: Adventures in Antedulivia.
So there you go. Stay tuned for more updates. More behind the scenes. And more fun stuff. Thanks again for your support.
Roll Dice, Kill Monsters, Take Their Stuff, and Have Fun!

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